How many advertising have you seen that said: ‘WAX WITHOUT ROSINATE COLOFONIA?”

We have seen many advertising like this!

And that makes us laugh.

First of all, the correct name is:” COLOPHONIUM and GLYCERYL ROSINATE” are two types of natural resins.

It will come as a shock but …

the more natural a resin is, the more it can cause allergies in the most delicate individuals.

We have been producing waxes WITHOUT COLOPHONIUM and GLYCERYL ROSINATE since 1996!

So this is nothing new for us! And we have over 22 products in our catalogue made from hypoallegenic resins:


An odourless and colourless resin processed to be hypoallergenic and therefore gentle on the skin.

Holiday Depilatori has always been on the cutting edge, and it is no coincidence that products now coming onto the market, we have had them for over 27 years!


Holiday takes care of the skin and chooses the best raw materials to make products for the professional beautician…