About us

Holiday Depilatori

At Holiday, we still believe that high quality rewards, that it is the best means to capture customer loyalty and that satisfaction is better than cold year-end numbers.

Passion, resourcefulness and innovative spirit are the main ingredients of our story. We are a family business with a strong past, but launched into the future every day. Holiday Depilatori has an entrepreneurial tradition of almost 50 years in the beauty sector, born in 1975 in Palermo from the intuition and vision of Vincenzo Vizzini.

From the first Aesthetic Centre, it has now become an industrial reality with high technical content and 100% made in Italy. Holiday Depilatori is a dynamic company that has evolved over time in tune with changing consumer needs and market developments, in direct contact with professionals in the sector. Today, Holiday Depilatori products are in demand in over 40 countries around the world.

The Holiday Depilatori production is located in Città della Pieve. The company is managed by Vincenzo Vizzini together with his children Elda the administrative manager, Raffaele the production manager and Damiano the sales manager.

We are a dynamic company always ready to accept new challenges by evaluating all the ideas and proposals of our customers and collaborators.


1975 First Beauty Institute in Palermo

Opened by Vincenzo's father, Eduardo. Vincenzo immediately saw the potential of the wax department, so he started producing wax for his father's salon.

1975 Vincenzo starts wax production in Palermo

Within a short time, the hair removal department had become the driving force behind the centre, and a few years later Vincenzo began specialising in hot and cold depilatory waxes.

1977 Moving to Tuscany the first shed

In 1977, the company had the opportunity to move to Tuscany, where the Holiday project made its first definitive mark: perfection took shape with the construction of the first factory in Sarteano, near Siena.

1983 Elda, Damiano and Raffaele

Vincenzo's children in Tuscany would later become an integral part of Holiday. Damiano and Raffaele, the current members, will be of great importance to the company.

1985 The First Advertisement

In 1985 Vincenzo experimented with the first advertisements for water-soluble mint wax.

1994 Second Shed in Tuscany

It was 1994 when liposoluble waxes and plant resins were the best-selling products. The company's relentless research and determination to strive for perfection has led over the years to the experimentation and testing of new resins and formulations, increasing the workload by having to take on an additional hall dedicated to wax production.

1997 First trade fair abroad

Vincenzo with his far-sightedness immediately realised that in order to make a name for himself he had to expose himself very actively so in 1997 he went to Germany for the first time to the Wiesbaden Fair. Vincenzo's very first trade fair was the Cosmoprof in 1993 (he still participates in this trade fair with a worldwide footprint).

1998 Bitalco Wax a bestseller for many years

New hypoallergenic waxes were introduced, which received the quality seal and approval from Holiday. In 1998, the first hypoallergenic wax was launched, blue in colour and with an aniseed fragrance. This was of exceptional quality, but its commercial characterisation failed to gain market approval. Vincenzo then had the inspired idea of adding titanium dioxide and changing the fragrance to talcum powder. Thus was born Bitalco, the product that drove the company's sales in the first decade of the new millennium, which many other brands have tried to replicate.

2013 Moving to Umbria

The 600 square metres of the Sarteano factory became insufficient to house production, and in December 2013 the operational headquarters moved to Città della Pieve, where the 12 employees were provided with a 1,800 square metre facility. A solid reality oriented towards international markets, Holiday Depilatori has continued to invest in its research department, confirming its passionate drive for innovation.

2015 Start of training courses

Since 2015, Holiday Depilatori has started training courses for the use of hair removal products in Italy and abroad.

2023 Current reality

Today there are new scenarios on the horizon and Holiday Depilatori continues to evolve rapidly: it has now doubled its workforce, showing all the flexibility of a young company but with the experience of 46 years in the business. We have built a new warehouse and doubled our workforce to over 23 employees.


The search for new products has always characterised Holiday Depilatori’s activity. In 50 years of activity we have grown, we have experimented, we have innovated. We have done this year after year with the aim of increasing our quality and maintaining a high level of excellence, with products made in Italy.
In our laboratories we look for solutions that look at market demands, but not only. What interests us is to guarantee hair removal and depilation products that are different in terms of efficacy and as less invasive as possible, so as to have a minimal impact on the skin. We have a factory of over 1900 square metres, with production area, operating offices, laboratories, warehouse and training academy. Our state-of-the-art facility is recognised by a Certificate of Excellence.
Research and development. Successful products require novelty, research and experimentation. That is why every year Holiday Depilatori always looks for new solutions in the field of hair removal and aesthetics.
With almost 50 years of experience, we know how the market is constantly evolving.
In our research and development laboratories, a team of experts studies different systems and carries out careful analyses to find the most suitable ingredients for each skin type and innovative products. Quality control is also constantly carried out in the laboratory on each production batch.


Controlled and highly qualified raw materials alongside continuous experimentation and the search for new solutions. In our production and organisational processes, we always adopt a careful reading of ingredients and product use protocol.
The experience gained over almost 50 years has enabled Holiday Depilatori to develop the best professional formulations to achieve an excellent result for the end customer.
Hot waxes, liposoluble, water-soluble, sugarpaste, elastic waxes for brazilian waxing, cosmetic line to complete a depilatory treatment.
Our products are suitable for all skin types and tested to the highest quality standards.


In almost 50 years of activity, Holiday Depilatori has created over 200 formulas in professional cosmetics and supported more than 20 brands in over 40 countries worldwide.
For Holiday Depilatori, in addition to the product, human relationships are important, made up of continuous research into collaborative strategies with its partners. Together we can create a winning synergy to face an ever-changing market.
This is why we also create customised brands for our customers, always in the name of quality at the highest level.