First of all, how can sensitive skin be identified?

Sensitive skin presents itself in many ways and is not always easy to identify.

Some people may be susceptible to the temperature of the wax, which can cause significant redness, or to the ingredients and have allergies…

Sensitive skin can present itself in different ways:

sensitive and dry (can turn red easily and become very inflamed this is because dry skin has no sebaceous protection for the nerve endings, which causes the sensitivity of the skin)

sensitive and oily (often oily, with dilated or clogged pores and the presence of pimples)

1)preparing the skin(hydration)
-Drink plenty of water
-Eat foods rich in potassium
-Exfoliate the skin gently (Holiday almond scrub)
-Avoid excessive sun exposure

2)Know where to have epilation

Not all areas of the body may be highly sensitive, so if you spot thinner skin or areas that may be more sensitive proceed with extreme caution

Usually: face, bikini line and armpits are very sensitive areas.

3) Use the best wax for sensitive skin

The use of a quality wax is the first thing to consider.

The specific formulations that Holiday has created are the HYPOALLERGENIC and BRAZILIAN waxes.

The hypoallergenic liposoluble waxes are created with the best hypoallergenic formulations:

lower temperature than other lipo

BRAZILIAN waxes only grip the hair and are undoubtedly gentler on the skin:

-low temperature

-no stress from the scotch effect

4)Pre- and post-waxing care

Using a pre- and post-wax protocol will help counteract folliculitis and skin problems, especially on individuals with sensitive skin.

Relying on quality is always the right option!