Hypoallergenic Brazilian Wax


The Holiday line of Brazilian Waxes are designed to meet multiple hair and skin needs, which is why we have created 5 Brazilian Waxes.
5 Brazilian waxes made from a completely hypoallergenic resin, polycyclopentadiene.
5 formulations for the most delicate and sensitive skin.
Each with different specifications and plus ingredients.
Precious Silver, Divine Dust, Extreme Purity, Orange Chocolate and Torta della Nonna available in 500g and 1kg drops
Low perceived temperature.

Remember to use Holiday brazilians in a soft, non-liquid consistency, always create the beading for optimum strip removal and this should be done evenly.




  1. Keep the right consistency, i.e. never liquid but thick
  2. When applying make sure to apply the right amount of pressure to incorporate the hairs well
  3. We recommend using multi-directionality in: armpits, elbows and knees (for the rest use spreading for the direction of hair growth and removal against the grain)
  4. Use multiple spatula sizes for optimal results
  5. Always use pre, powder and post epilation for complete treatment and avoid bacterial overlaps
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Divine Dust, Extreme Purity, Orange Chocolate, Precious Silver, Torta della Nonna